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Greetings! My name is Kamil, and I am the creative force behind KamilSzwedPhotography. When people ask about my photographic style, I often describe it as eclectic—I truly enjoy capturing a bit of everything. From the intimacy of weddings and the personality of portraits, to the dynamic storytelling of promotional videos, my portfolio is as diverse as my clients' needs.

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My Story

Photography for me goes beyond a mere profession—it is a lifelong journey of passion and discovery. My eye for detail and love for authentic moments allows me to create images that are not just seen, but truly felt. My approach is unique, with a knack for capturing the serendipitous and framing each shot in a way that tells a story, unravelling the beauty of the fleeting moments.

Whether you are in search of a singular stunning photograph or a compelling series, KamilSzwedPhotography has the versatility and skill to bring your vision to life. I invite you to get in touch, and let’s create something memorable together.

My voyage into the world of visual arts predates my professional career as a Cinematographer. What started out as a fervor for photography and sketching soon blossomed into a love for filmmaking, leading me to acquire my first video camera—and I haven’t put it down since. My journey took a significant turn in 2018 with a breakthrough that solidified my commitment to this craft.

Every day, I immerse myself in experimentation, embracing new ideas and refining my techniques to constantly evolve my artistry. I am eager to collaborate, share my passion, and bring creative visions to life. Feel free to reach out, whether for more information or to discuss potential projects.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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